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  About Us

Paan holds a very important place in the lifestyle of India. Indian Cuisines are renowned for their spicy tang and flavor, and are often followed by Mouth Fresheners like Paan. Due to its mesmerizing aroma & sweetness, Paan is loved by all the Indians.

Hence, “MAST BANARASI PAAN” brings to you multi-flavored Paan that it prepares with exotic masalas and with a passion to relish your taste buds. Mast Banarasi Paan has an iconic presence in Paan making. Be it ‘Chocolate Paan’, and ‘Meetha Paan or Sada Paan’, if you take it, you will be filled with joy, refreshing your mood.

We serve people with our savoring Paan through retail shops, along with making them available on special occasions like Marriages, Birthday Parties, Reception etc.

Our services for preparing Paan and Hookah have been the part of many weddings and parties to add a traditional value to them. The ingredients like fresh Paan (Betel) Leaf, Katha with Choona (lime paste), Supari (betel nuts), Chocolate, Sugar, Candies, etc. are sampled in the Paan in such a way that they create a magical taste, which you’ll cherish forever. Moreover, we have the distinction of serving Paan to many Celebrities, Politicians and other eminent personalities of different fields.

Today, we are one of the prominent Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of flavored Paan.

  Why Choose Us?

Having vast experience and knowledge of great taste has helped us in living up to client’s expectations and helped in retaining the clientele for long term. We are offering our delicacies of Paan in marriages, parties and at other occasions. Our policy is directed towards maintaining great taste and pure natural essence Paan, which helps us in making our name in Indian and international market as well.

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MAST BANARASI PAAN is one of the prominent Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers & Suppliers of the most innovative and mouth watering varieties of Paan.

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