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Paan has been India's personality from the Vedic circumstances. A Paan can be purchased in almost every road corner in India. Paan comprises of a betel leaf wrapped in a triangular shape with a blend of flavors, mukhwas, dried natural products, and sugar. It is bitten for its stimulant and psychoactive impacts. As indicated by Ayurvedic science, betel leaf or paan is extremely helpful in curing of diseases like hack, cool, migraines. It is likewise said that paan admission refreshes the breath and expands passion. I trust you realize what I mean here. 
Many Paan Flavors are available and recent addition to the flavor list is "Fire Paan". Truly you read it right. It is truly fire paan.

We bring you 10 Facts about Fire paan. 
1. Paan Sellers are Mr. Mast Banarasi Paanwala. 
2. They have their Paan Shop – Mast Banarasi Paan crosswise over India. 
3. They have been Selling Paans for most recent 20+ years.
4. Fire Paan is motivated by Fire Shots of liquor.
5. It took 45 Day of experimentation to concoct Perfect formula of Fire Paan. 
6. First a typical is made with consistent fixings.
7. Then exceptional cloves are embedded to finish everything and lit on Fire.
8. Once the fire is out, the cloves give a cooling sensation.
9. It has health advantages as well and aides in battling cool and influenza.
10. Paan has extraordinary request amid winters.

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