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India's No.1 Retail chain of Banarasi Paan, First Family oriented Paan Cafe in India. Our another product which we are offering this kulad tea with mast Banarasi Paan franchise. It's double benefit for partners to create ways of income source as well our customers can get these delicious Paan and tea under one roof.


Our Specialities: Refreshing tasta, Safe & Hygienic, Addictiva Flavor 100% Tabacco Free & Nicotin Free, 100% Vegetarian For All age Group (youthful), Digestive aid, Beatle Leavee are grown organically.

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“Fire Paan”. Yes you read it right. It is literally fire paan. Fire Paan is inspired by Fire Shots of alcohol. Once the fire is out, the cloves give a cooling sensation. It has medical benefits too and helps in fighting cold and flu. Paan has great demand during winters.

Business Opportunity

Franchise Opportunity to Entrepreneurs.

Event booking services for all kind of event

Home Delivery services of Mast Banarasi Paan

Note: We are providing these services through our Authorized Franchise Partners in everywhere.

Paan is basically betel leaves and Banarasi paan is world famous. Banarasi Paan is natural fresh to the whole world. People used paan as a mouth refresher. Banarasi paan is very popular all over the world because of its awesome taste.

It is grated with gulkand, dry dates, flavors, coconut and all these were enrolled into betel leaves. Making a paan is an art and its ingredients and their actual proportion makes it delicious. It is also an ideal refreshment that is served at parties and weddings.

In Sanskrit paan is known as Tambula that is been eaten by the people after meal as it helps in the digestion of food and despite that it provides a fresh mouth feeling removing the bad breath.

Most important thing about it is that it reduces the blood pressure and helps in digestion, relieves hunger, removes bad breath, decreases menstrual bleeding in ladies and also strengthens the teeth. According to the unani medical pathy it is famous as the household remedies.

The most commonly found types of paan include:

• Tobacco (tambaku paan): The paan bearing the powdered tobacco with spices.

• Betel nut (paan masala or sada paan and supari): Paan bearing the mixture of the chopped betel and other spices.

• ”Sweet” (meetha paan): The Betel leaf consists of fillings of coconut, fruit preserves and many spices. Cherry is also included in this. There is no tobacco in this paan.

• ”Trento” (olarno paan): This is the paan that has the mint flavor and tastes like betel.

Franchise Model

Area required – 150 to 200 square feet area ground floor in prime location.

Franchise Investment-

Tier A city – 6-7 lakh

  • 1. Tier A city Franchise fee -2 lakh
  • 2. Tier B and Tier C city franchise fee – 1 lakh 50k
  • Business starter kit cost – 1 lakh 50 k
  • 3. Interior cost – 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh


  • 1. Equipments and machinery
  • 2. Customer mode and supply by mast banarasi pan
  • 3. Vendor and supply management
  • 4. Requirement and training of staff
  • 5. Integrated software
  • 6. Openin kit and hygine kit
  • 7. Brand association fee
  • 8. Marketing and publicity planning
  • 9. Operational support
  • 10. CRM team
  • 11. Mater trainer visit
  • 12. Interior design
  • 13. Supply chain Management
  • 14. Design of display and menu
  • 15. Billing machine
  • 16. Containers
  • 17. Design and implement menu as per local requirement


  • 1-Prime location/suitable location for outlet
  • 2-To do lighting and paint work in outlet as per company outlet
  • 3-Display counter-LED- AC- CCTV – CAMERA,DFIRGER
  • 4-Brand logo with LED Board
  • 5-Outlet must be on ground floor
  • 6-Quality and monitoring control
  • 7-Local marketing
  • 8-Stock management

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Sandeep Mathur


Amazing Paans. The ice paan is just out of this world and a must try once. Chocolate Paan is good. Normal Meetha Pan is amazing too. Strawberry and Butter Scotch are average.

Surendra Tiwari

South Extension 1, New Delhi

All time favourite place for paan.. I can't think of eating paan somewhere else from the day I started coming to Mast Banarasi Paan.. the best part is.. most of them are tobacco free.

Hemant Dulara

GuruGram, Haryana

I am not a big fan of pan but when I visited this place I was intrigued and tempted, the paan was tasted so good, every ingredient in it just melted in mouth and such flavors were coming just one by one giving me the feel of titillation.

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